Aichi prefecture, which belongs to the Tokai region, has a large population in the Tokai region, along with Shizuoka prefecture. Nagoya is the prefectural capital and is also a government-designated city. Since the population is large, there are probably many job offers.
In order to change jobs in Aichi Prefecture, what kind of job you should take is a key point. Whether you make the most of your own experience or open up new avenues depends on your thinking. First, make sure you have a firm grasp of what types of jobs are available in Aichi Prefecture, and use them when changing jobs.

The most common occupation in Aichi Prefecture is medical and nursing welfare. It is said that there is a shortage of human resources such as nurses and helpers nationwide. It can be said that there are many in Aichi prefecture.
In addition, there are many job vacancies for sales jobs. In addition, there are many jobs such as logistics, transportation, and equipment. Conversely, IT-related and creators tend to have fewer vacancies.

Employment circumstances in Aichi prefecture

Within Aichi prefecture, the regions are largely divided, but the Owari region tends to have many job offers. However, the Owari region is very large, and Nagoya City is included in the Owari region. Nagoya, which is a government-designated city, should be considered a little different, so let’s consider Nagoya and Owari regions separately.
Nagoya is made up of 16 administrative districts. It means that there are so many administrative districts. Nakaku and Nakamura Ward have the largest number of jobs in the administrative district. There are by far the largest number of vacancies in these two provinces.
It means that the number of job vacancies in Nagoya City is largely biased. When changing jobs, the number of vacancies has a big relationship, so it’s a good idea to understand. In addition, in other Owari regions, there are many job offers in Inuyama City, Komaki City and Ichinomiya City.