Even in the Tokai region, Shizuoka Prefecture has a large population. Since there are a lot of job offers, it may be perfect for changing jobs. When you change jobs in Shizuoka Prefecture, you have to understand what kind of jobs you have.
What are the types of jobs you see most in Shizuoka Prefecture, even among job offers? If you don’t have the type of job you want, you may not be able to change jobs.

In terms of a large genre, the job with the largest number of jobs in Shizuoka Prefecture is the sales job. Among sales staff, the number of job offers is increasing for corporate sales. In addition, there are relatively many job categories such as customer service such as sales.
On the contrary, the number of IT-related engineers tends to be small. The number of creator jobs is also low. In Shizuoka prefecture, people tend to have the image that there are many IT-related companies, but in terms of proportion, there is a tendency to be few.

What is soothing about the job information in Shizuoka is that there are many jobs that are surprisingly inexperienced. However, it does not mean that any person can say that they are inexperienced. When you change jobs, you may get a job of the same system or a job of no experience. If you take a job of the same line, you may be treated preferentially because you are an experienced person.

However, if you want to transfer to an inexperienced job, you need to be able to make a certain appeal. Ultimately, if it is judged that it will not be profitable to the company, it will not be adopted even though it is inexperienced. However, the fact that there are many jobs that are inexperienced allows us to say that the window for changing jobs is wide. Another important point is how much you can appeal.